Schedule 2

Schedule style_2

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1Marketing WorkshopLara Quize9:30am – 10:30amTimes Complex
2Introduction BusinessDaizy Chirs10:30am – 12:00pmB.City Complex
3Marketing StrategySteve John12:30am – 2:00amTimes Complex
4Introduction BusinessMichel Zozo12:00am – 1:00amCity Hutt Complex
1Digital Marketing TheoryMichel Zozo2:30am – 3:30amNewyork Complex
2Mass MarketingMark Willy3:30am – 4:30amCity Hutt Complex
3Digital Marketing TheoryJames Morgan9:00am – 10:30amB.City Complex
4Introduction BusinessMark Willy1:00am – 2:30amB.City Complex
1Marketing StrategySteve John11:00am – 12:00amTimes Complex
2Digital Marketing TheoryCristian Zozo12:30am – 1:30amNewyork Complex
1Marketing WorkshopJames Morgan2:00am – 3:00amCity Hutt Complex
2Marketing WorkshopMark Willy12:00pm – 2:00amCity Hutt Complex
1Introduction BusinessAyrin Dina12:00am – 1:00amTimes Complex
2Introduction BusinessCarolin Rose speaker1:30am – 2:30amNewyork Complex
3Introduction BusinessSteve John, Cristian Zozo12:00am – 2:30amB.City Complex

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